Welcome Message

Brethren and Companions,

As we approach the mid-point in the 2019 Festival, it’s gratifying to know that we are moving in the right direction towards our £3.25M goal.

Taking over as Provincial Grand Master will enable me to see more of the fund raising events being undertaken throughout Surrey and marvel at the diversity of project ideas, to meet participating members and their families, and congratulating them for all their hard work and efforts.

I am already seeing the number of Festival Stewards grow and more and more Lodges and Chapters gaining Festival Achievement Awards. It’s my hope that by the end of the Festival every Charity Steward’s collar across the Province will be adorned with either a bronze, silver or gold insignia as a reward and in recognition of their combined achievements.

So let’s continue to strive together and pledge our support for the RMBI.

Thank you for your generous support.


RW Bro Ian M. Chandler

Festival President