Big Week Contacts

Joint Chairman

W.Bro Paul Crockett - Provincial Grand Charity Steward

As joint chair of the Big Week Committee I am responsible for the planning, launch and management of the Big Week. I will be working alongside E.Comp Mark Watkins and I look forward to working with the rest of the team to ensure we have a great week next summer and raise lots of money for the Festival.

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Joint Chairman

W.Bro Mark Watkins - Royal Arch Provincial Grand Charity Steward

I had the privilege to be asked to be joint Chair of the 2019 Festival Big Week committee, an appointment I was delighted to accept. The primary function of this role is to ensure that a workable strategy was developed to ensure that the Big Week concept was executable against an agreed timeline. Working alongside W.Bro Paul Crockett, we are tasked with making sure that fellow committee members have clarity around their roles and what is expected of them to make the Big Week both enjoyable and successful for all those Lodges, Chapters and individuals who participate.

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Big Week Secretary

W.Bro Klick Rahman

As Secretary of the Big Week Committee I am responsible for the paperwork side of the Big Week committee. I bring the committee members together for meetings and keep records of what is discussed. I also report back to the Surrey 2019 Festival Committee.

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Area Coordinator - Nutfield, Chertsey and Farnham

W.Bro Ben Simmons

My role is to coordinate with my allocated centres, Nutfield, Chertsey and Farnham to promote 'The Big Week' having already asked them if they could support the 2019 Festival from the 16-24th of July 2016, also to assist if necessary the individual lodges to get involved from ideas,to assist them with the setting up various items either during this week or any event to be included in the big week prior to the dates given.

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Area Coordinator - Croydon

W.Bro Keston Jones

I am the area coordinator for Croydon. As one of the busiest centres in Surrey I expect to be kept busy. My role is to be a liaison between the masonic centres and the various Lodges and Chapters that meet there. If anyone has an event that they are running in the Croydon area then please get in touch and I will assist you as best I can.

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Area Coordinator - Guildford and Godalming

W.Bro Steve Butwell

My name is Steve Butwell I am one of the area coordinators for the big week which is fast approaching I have been given responsibility for Guildford and Godalming centres so if any lodges or centres have any questions please contact me by email or phone as the information comes in I will pass it on to centres.

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Area Coordinator - Sutton and Surbiton

W.Bro Larry Lawrence

As the area coordinator for Sutton and Surbiton my role is to support Lodges, Chapters and the Masonic Centres during the lead up to, and during the Big Week in July 2016. If you require any assistance or advice regarding the Big Week please get in touch.

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Area Coordinator

W.Bro John Morgan

I have recently been appointed as an area coordinator. I will be assisting Ben Simmons with Nutfield, Chertsey and Farnham. I look forward to learning about the role and being able to assist Lodges, Chapters and centres over the coming year. I hope we all enjoy a great and successful Big Week.

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