Festival Committee

P crocket

W.Bro Paul Crockett


As chair of the Festival Appeal Committee I am responsible for the planning, launch and management of the Festival Appeal.  To achieve this I must manage the committee and wider team to ensure we maximise the Appeal outcome.  I report to the Provincial Grand Master and the Executive via the Provincial Charity Committee.  I am also responsible for the appointment of the Festival Appeal Committee. I have recently taken over this position from the now R.W.Bro Ian Chandler who has become our new Festival President.

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W.Bro Jon Harrison


My role is to provide the administrative and Secretarial support to the 2019 Festival Appeal Committee.  To arrange Committee Meetings and maintain a library of all documentation and outputs from meetings and workshops. To work closely with the Chairman to ensure that actions are completed and targets are achieved. To provide support and co-ordinate the organisation of presentations and Festival events.

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J Harrison2
John Woodnott-Miller

W.Bro John Woodnot-Miller


I am the Treasurer of the 2019 Festival Appeal and as such I am responsible for the coordination and recording of all income and expenditure, outside of the donations to the Appeal. It will be my responsibility to report in an accurate and timely manner to the Treasurer of the Provincial Charity Committee.

This is my first such engagement so I am naturally thrilled to be part of the Festival Appeal. I’m very excited about being able to assist the Festival Committee and the Province of Surrey to achieve our collective goals.

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W.Bro David Olliver

Craft Provincial Charity Steward

As Provincial Grand Charity Steward I have been appointed to provide support and focus for the Charity Stewards throughout the Province.  During the 2019 Festival Appeal this support will be extended to Festival Representatives as well.  I will be working closely with the Festival Committee, the Charity Liaison Officers and the Charity Stewards/Festival Representatives.  This will provide an excellent system of communication between the Province and the Lodges.  Throughout the Festival Appeal I will be organising forums and focus groups which will bring together Charity Stewards from across the Province to discuss and exchange ideas and ensure a successful appeal.

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David Olliver
Mark Watkins

E.Comp Mark Watkins

Royal Arch Provincial Charity Steward

My role is to ensure that the Holy Royal Arch is given the opportunity to be actively involved in the 2019 Festival Appeal, working jointly with the Craft Order in supporting this most worthy of causes. To assist in this role a team of Charity Liaison Officers, reporting to the respective Provincial Grand Charity Stewards, have been appointed to advise Festival Representatives/Charity Stewards on all charity related matters throughout the Festival period. Through this effective communication loop, Royal Arch Masons will receive the latest information on the Festival Appeal, know how to get involved and to be able to provide vital feedback to the Festival Commitee.

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W.Bro James Annand

Website and Social Media Coordinator

As the website and social media coordinator my main role so far has been the creation and development of this website. This role will continue throughout the life of the festival as the website will be updated on a regular basis. This will be the first time we will be making use of social media using it to promote the festival and update brethren with current news. If you have any questions in relation to this website please feel free to contact me.

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J Annand
J Harrison2

W.Bro Jon Harrison

Marketing Coordinator

With a background in marketing and advertising creativity, and having been involved in the Surrey 1997 Festival, it’s my role to oversee this Festival’s look and feel, to ensure that its facts, figures and aims are delivered with the right tone of voice. It’s important to create a careful balance, to inform and encourage without being patronising so that our mantra of being “Committed to Caring” can truly live up to its claim. This is an on-going role that will be constant throughout the Festival period and, I hope, help ensure and assist in the Festival’s success.

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W.Bro Alan Corb

Information Officer

My role as Information Officer is to acquire relevant technical information to assist the Committee in making decisions, and to be the liaison with the Relief Chest at The Grand Charity. Wearing the latter ‘hat’ my function will be to provide information to and receive information and data from the Relief Chest while disseminating information to the lodges and members regarding donations to the Festival. As the point of contact with the Relief Chest I will be required to interrogate the Relief Chest’s database and provide reports to the relevant parties.

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A Corb

W.Bro Nick Burger

Events Coordinator

My role as Events Coordinator is to assist the committee with the planning, execution and successful outcome of Provincial events during the course of the Festival. A role that I am excited about and looking forward to immensely. I will also be available to those Lodges & Chapters hoping to run their own Festival events for help and advice should they require it.

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W.Bro Richard Fripp

Logistics Officer

I am very pleased to have been appointed to the 2019 Festival Committee, my role will be to deal with the sale and distribution of the Festival Jewels, this will entail ensuring that the brother wishing to purchase a jewel has qualified to do so, and then to arrange the delivery of the jewel, either by post or arranging for it to be collected at a meeting or function. Additionally I, together with Alan will be dealing with the sale of used regalia.

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R Fripp