Donate as an Individual

Individual or collective payments into a Relief Chest are simple, easy and tax efficient and can be made using one of the following methods:

The Surrey 2019 Festival has its own Relief Chest. The relief Chest Number is E0130.

If you have any difficulty with setting up your online donation or with filling out the donation forms please do feel free to ask for assistance. We are here to help. There are guidance notes available for each form below or please email us with any questions. Click here to email for assistance 

Regular Donation

An individual may donate on a ‘regular’ basis for a specific period of time (e.g. monthly or annually). Regular donations are set up using the Direct Debit mandate attached to the donation form or can now be set up on-line. To set up your regular donation on-line please click the button below.

Please do not set up a regular donation for a period for longer than one year.

The Relief Chest Name is ‘Surrey 2019 Festival’ and the Relief Chest Number is E0130.

To set up a regular donation by post please use the forms below.

Single Donation

To make a ‘single’ donation, the individual should write a cheque (or send a crossed postal order) made payable to The Freemasons’ Grand Charity and attach it to the single donation form.

It is now also possible to make a one off donation on-line. To make a single donation on-line please feel free to click the button below.

No charges are deducted from your donation when you use this service.

To make a single donation by post please use the forms below.

It is now also possible to donate by credit card. Please use the form below.