2019 Festival Visiting Maul

The Visiting Maul is a fund-raising idea being launched by Morden Park Lodge to support the 2019 Festival. The idea is for the Maul to be passed from Lodge to Lodge as many times as possible before the Festival ends raising funds and encouraging visiting.

On 29th November W.Bro Jack Rainer completed the Visiting Maul and passed it on to begin it’s fund raising. A wonderfully crafted piece bearing testament to Jacks skill as a Master carpenter. He also insisted that no monies be paid to him for his time but simply asked for a donation to be given to the Festival. Thank you very much Jack for the goodness of your heart.The Maul was then taken to The Charity Stewards Ball to be shown off and gained the approval of all who saw it. The Provincial Grand Master was highly impressed with the quality of the work and gave it his blessing and best wishes in raising a good sum for the Charity.

Maul 1
Maul 2

The Rules

The Lodge holding the Maul must arrange to visit another Lodge as soon as possible after receiving it. Once arranged they visit the Lodge with a minimum of four brethren attending, two of which must be Officers of the Lodge (Master & Mentor would be good) and the other two must be lay brethren.

This can be flexible for Lodges that do not have any lay brethren or for special Lodges ie Secretaries , Stewards , Lodges of Installed Masters but beware this may incur a small fine also to go to the Festival and at the accepting Lodge’s Charity Steward’s discretion.

After responding to the visitors toast one of the brethren will pass the Maul onto the Master of the accepting Lodge enclosing inside it a cheque made payable to the Festival for a minimum of £5.00 per visiting brother. Please write your Lodge name and number on the back. This is so that you can be added to the roll of honour on this website and maybe on Surrey Pillars website.

Special mentions will be given for those that pass the Maul in the shortest amount of time also for multiple visits.

Let’s see which Lodge proves

to be Surrey’s most sociable.

Mileage Competition

Not everyone from each Lodge will be visiting but you can still get involved. Along with the Maul will be a book with instructions and a page for each Lodge.Simply add your name and have a guess at what mileage between Centres you think the Maul will cover by the end of the Festival. It will be £2.00 per guess added to the cheque placed inside the Maul when you pass it on. Cash Prize of £100.00 which will be presented at the Festival.

To keep up to date with the progress of the Maul and to request it to visit your lodge please visit http://www.mordenparklodge8038.org/

Good Luck to all.